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Before You Use A Penis Stretcher - You Should Know This

Now that you have decided to use a penis stretcher, you can probably need some help to know which one you should choose. Obtaining the right penis stretching extender and using it safely is the most effective way to achieve fast penis enlargement.

What to Look for in a Penis Stretcher?

Commonly, two types of designs are available for attachment of the extenders.

One is the noose design and the other, more advanced, comfort strap design. True to its name, the comfort strap is much more comfortable and effective, it also does not have the problem of slipping.

The noose design, however, allows the penis to slip out of it, so that can be problematic.

Another advantage with the comfort strap is the length of time you can safely wear it.

Medical STRAP stretchers can be worn longer, meaning better results for you.

What is the Best Product for Fast Penis Enlargement?

Last updated: Monday 28th of September 2015

X4 Labs - The Best Penis Stretcher for Fast Penis Enlargement

X4 Labs Review

Read X4 Labs Review

This is the one that I went out and ordered.

I had substantial results and they only took a few weeks.

Plus, the device is so comfortable that most of the times you will not even realize your wearing it!

I ordered the medical device by X4 Labs, because it had a new Hybrid Support that was based on new patented technology.

X4 Labs penis stretcher uses the strap method of attaching to the end of the penis and not the noose system that the cheaper version I tried used.This made sense to me in that if I could wear it longer because of comfort, I would get better results.

There were many substantiated claims of this device being one of the finest devices on the market today. They assured me that the device was constructed of the finest materials and was much more comfortable than the noose style penis strechers.

The X4 Labs medical device has undergone many rigorous tests for comfort and functionality. Some of the clinical results were the best of any of the penis enlargement I researched on the web.

The Proof of My Results:

I was encouraged to post before and after pictures for the proof of my results. I thought about this and just did not feel comfortable.

For the first reason, I feel that anyone can doctor results of pictures so they can look any way you want. Secondly, I just dont feel comfortable with pictures of my penis on the internet. You will have to take my word for it. This stretcher works very well and I was able to wear it under some of my baggy pants all day long and no one noticed.

Despite my lack of hard proof, you can go to the free forum on the X4 Labs site and see what all the other satisfied customers have to say about X4 Penis Stretcher.

You do not have to take my word, just see what many men are saying. Know that at all times, your confidentiality and privacy will be respected to the highest level, as a matter of fact, this is also guaranteed.


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...and you can see my conclusions below...

X4 Labs Medical Penis Stretcher

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SizeGenetics Pneis Enlargement System Review

Read SizeGenetics Review

This is the one that my friend used.

I was actually going to bought SizeGenetics but finally I decided to go with the cheaper penis stretcher offered by X4 Labs.

However, SizeGenetics is one of the best things that have ever happened to the modern mans quest towards penis enlargement.

In a nutshell, SizeGenetics offers you not just a device but a complete penis enlargement system.

Not only do you get a penis stretcher device, but also a Penis Health exercise program
(the only male enhancement program under clinical study), which can be customized to fit your preferences.

The system also comes with a private forum membership where men can discuss techniques, ask questions, and learn about penis enlargement without revealing their true identity. And that is not all; the SizeGenetics system also comes with a DVD guide full of proven methods of how to better please your partner and online access to the well-known website, Lovecentria.

SizeGenetics is an all inclusive proven to work penis enlargement system.

With the SizeGenetics extensive package, you can definitely say that you are on your way to becoming quite the love guru with SizeGenetics.

Read more about SizeGenetics System.

Who Am I?

I work as an engineer and love my job. This job gives me the opportunity to meet lots of beautiful women but seem to lack the kind of confidence that other, more successful guys have.

I have very low self esteem and it is hard for me to ask any of these women out on a date. Not that I havent, I am not a virgin, it is just hard for me to jump into bed with a woman that is ready to do so.

Most of my self esteem issues come from the fact that I've had a relatively small penis all my adult life when compared to other men. Of the dates I'e had, none have turned into long term relationships, I feel like my self esteem issues are the main reason.

My Problem:

I feel that my lack of long term relationships in my life is due to two things, one, my lack of confidence and self esteem and the second was definitely the size of my penis.

Whenever I have asked for a next date after we had sex, I have not had very good luck. I feel that the women all expected some manly man to be working at a ski resort, my lack of self esteem makes it hard for me to express myself in a self confident way.

So I began to look into penis enlargement methods. I decided on the penis stretching devices because of the clinical proof that they had. The problem was that the device was very uncomfortable and I could not wear it like they recommended, I got little or no results and became very disappointed and just gave up.

One Day, I was talking with a friend of mine and shared my story with him out of desperation. It turned out that he used a device a year ago and got great results. He went on to tell me that he had used one of the most recommended penis stretchers that were on line.

The Solution:

I then returned to the internet to do some more research. It turned out that the stretcher that my friend recommended was one of the more expensive ones sold.

I decided on the X4 Labs Medical Penis Stretcher as it was well recommended and also a little less expensive than the one my friend had used. However, this was a huge increase in price compared to the device I had tried.

I figured at this point, I would try one more time and I had already thrown away around 450.00 on other devices and pills. At least X4 Labs had some solid clinical trials to back up the results and had a 100% money back guarantee, I was not throwing away any more money.

My research turned up clinical trials on the X4 Labs that continually showed good results as well as recommendations by medical professionals.

The Conclusion:

Both the X4 Labs Medical Penis Stretcher and the SizeGenetics penis enlargment system come with a complete program to help you get the most out of the device so you can get the results you desire.

But I think the X4 Labs' offer is the better one.

The X4 Labs penis enlarger has complete instructional DVDs where the other penis stretchers had a small sheet of instructions, I am convinced that I was not even using the other device correctly because of what I have learned with the DVDs that come with the X4 Medical Stretcher.

Don't waste your money on the cheap imitations like I did, you will just be throwing away your money.


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